WOM UK becomes WOMMA UK in a move to align US and UK word of mouth industries

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OK, so the logo on the blog header above might have clued you in already!

Yes, we’re delighted to share the news that WOM UK has now officially become WOMMA UK, formalising our partnership with US association WOMMA in a move to share word of mouth marketing expertise in the United States and United Kingdom. The two associations are working closely together to develop and raise the profile of the fast-evolving industry.

We have had an informal agreement since 2008 but have now decided to collaborate in a much closer way.  The agreement allows WOMMA UK and WOMMA members to share insights, ideas, research and case studies and exchange speakers and experts for events and conferences. Additionally, the partnership helps investigate how WOM works in different cultures and countries by bringing members into a much wider international network.

And, in keeping with our mutual push for better ethical practices among WOM marketers, this agreement helps create a consistent ethical platform for brands and practitioners while working in harmony with laws in different countries.

“We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with our colleagues across the pond in WOMMAUK and look forward to learning from their experience too,” says Paul M. Rand, president of WOMMA and president/CEO of the Zócalo Group. “For many WOMMA members who may not have much international WOM exposure, this agreement provides them with resources they may not be able to access or afford on their own,” Rand said.

From WOMMA UK’s perspective, word of mouth dissolves the boundaries between on and offline, local and global, like no other discipline, so for us a partnership with WOMMA was a no-brainer. In such a quickly evolving industry, it’s essential that we share insights and essential that we present a united stance on ethics, best practice and measurement if word of mouth is to become central to businesses worldwide. We’re delighted to be working with such a strong and enthusiastic team at WOMMA and know that our members will benefit from the partnership enormously.

Our new website is under construction and our Twitter stream has now become @WOMMAUK. We hope you’re as excited as we are at this fantastic alliance. If you have any questions or ideas about how you’ll benefit from the partnership, let us know.

Social media disclosure: best practice

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Ethics are one of the four pillars of WOM UK. Best practice in terms of listening and engagement is a big issue in word of mouth, where legislation is lagging behind activity, and the lines are often blurred between brand and consumer spaces.

We help both practitioners and clients keep on top of the latest ethical standards and case studies via our blog posts and events but members also get access to the WOMMA ethics assessment tool and case study library, as well as the collective knowledge and guidance our own WOM UK Council.

WOMMA’s latest contribution is this deck, essential reading for anyone looking to understand the landscape in the US, which is of huge relevance to our industry here.

Do you think we’ll move towards some FTC-style guidelines? What are the different challenges our side of the pond? Post your thoughts and comments below and do think about joining WOM UK if you’d like much, much more where this came from.

Your chance to host a WOMMA webinar

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WOM UK members are being offered a fantastic opportunity to host an international webinar to members and friends of WOMMA, our US counterpart.

WOMMA’s webinars are renowned for being practical and to the point, helping brands and marketers to understand the issues and challenges around WOM and social media from some of the world’s top practitioners. Recent speakers include Steve Rappaport, ARF Knowledge Solutions Director on ‘A Crash Course in Listening’ and Waggener Edstrom’s Editor in Chief, David Patto, on ‘The News Engine That Powers Your Social Media.’

WOMMA are looking for more international perspectives, so if you think you have something to contribute to the cross-Atlantic WOM community, email Julian with your details and an overview of what you’d like to cover. Paid up WOM UK members only please.

Join WOM UK at Like Minds 2010

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WOM UK is by logistical necessity rather London-centric, so we’re delighted to be speaking – and listening – at the Like Minds 2010 conference in Exeter this month.

Taking place at the Exeter Conference Centre on Friday 26th Febraury, Like Minds is the brainchild of Scott Gould and Drew Ellis, who are determined to bring world-class thought leadership on the subject of ‘People to People: The New Social Business’ to everyone in a friendly, non-political and provocative way. There will be six keynote speakers, including John Bell, President of our sister organisation WOMMA, 18 panelists, including WOM UK President Molly Flatt, and 6 moderators to ensure that the sessions really are conversations.

This should be a rare opportunity to meet global experts, local leaders, and like-minded individuals from diverse walks of life, so book now if you’re interested – tickets are running out fast. And leave us a comment or a tweet if you’re coming and would like to hook up with Molly to talk about word of mouth, WOM UK, or indeed the joys of Exeter Cathedral.

Exclusive download of WOMMA 09 Summit materials

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Last November’s Summit organised by our US partners WOMMA was one of the most exciting industry idea-sharing and -storming sessions of the year; a collision of brand case studies, new research and trends and academic debates that sparked some deep investigation into where word of mouth marketing currently stands.

WOM UK President Molly attended and posted an overview of what went on, but we’re delighted to announce that all WOM UK members can now download the decks presented by the keynote speakers, along with live videos from the general sessions,  from the WOMMA Member Center here.

All you need is your WOMMA library username and password, provided to every WOM UK member when they join. If you’ve lost track of yours, email Julian and he’ll send it over. And if you don’t have one? Well, joining WOM UK could be just the New Year’s resolution you need…

What are your burning issues in word of mouth marketing?

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Ethics. Metrics. ROI. Ownership. Internal education.

These are the big five topics we hear raised again and again when it comes to the word of mouth industry in the UK. Brands big and small really are accepting the value and power of WOM as part of their future survival, but they’re still struggling to a) do it authentically and ethically, rather than as a short-term reactive activity, and b) get buy-in, integration and ownership throughout the company.

question via dullhunk @ Flickr

When many social media conferences and meet-ups are little more than glorified geek-outs about cool tools and insider networks, we’re committed to creating safe spaces where people can share their real challenges, fears, hopes and ideas about effective word of mouth – from questioning the Guardian’s latest influencer research to examining when WOM doesn’t work.

We’re looking forward to finding out what the hot WOM potatoes are in the US at WOMMA’s Summit in Vegas a couple of weeks, but it will be interesting to see if they differ from our key concerns here. So let us know: what are your big issues around the industry? What questions would you like to see broached at debates and events? What topics can’t you find sufficient education, research or case studies on? What are you afraid of? Which great people and projects deserve more airspace?

Drop us a comment below or, if it feels a little exposed, get in touch privately, and let’s start directing the WOM agenda in a truly collaborative way.

Join us at WOMMA’s Summit 2009

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Who needs an excuse to go to Vegas? Well, we’ve got a good one: WOMMA’s 2009 Summit, the annual event that gathers together top agencies, marketers and brands for 3 days of presentations, discussions and networking about global word of mouth, running from 18th-20th November. This year the theme is Creating Talkable Brands: Beyond Social Media and sessions include the likes of:

- Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media at Ford, on Making Ford Social
- Lauren Bernshausen of Coca-Cola on using WOM to test market new beverage concepts
- Amanda Zaky of Mars on establishing an integrated corporate social media policy
- Neil Beam of AT&T and Natalie Petouhoff of Forrester Research on WOM ROI
- Answers from academics on WOM’s toughest questions

… and much much more. You can check out the full agenda and register here. WOMMA is WOM UK’s partner across the pond and we’re delighted to see the US branch of so many of our own members such as Ogilvy and Porter Novelli talking at the event. I (WOM UK President Molly Flatt) will be attending throughout and reporting back on the buzz so let us know if you’re coming along as I’d love to see any current or prospective WOM UK members there. If you’re very nice, I might even buy you a cocktail…

FTC release Guidelines for Endorsements (and Bloggers) in the US

October 6, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Ethics, News | 2 Comments
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FTCThis morning has seen the final release of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s guidelines for endorsements and bloggers  in the US. Although WOM UK is focused on professional and ethical development within the UK, word of mouth marketing is a global industry. Thanks to social media many campaigns operate internationally, both on and offline, so these guidelines will doubtless impact on the conduct of businesses and marketers this side of the pond. It’s worth downloading the PDF and having a read.

We’re doubly interested in the release because our sister organisation in the US, WOMMA – with whom we share a Code of Ethics and Best Practice – has been key in influencing the guidelines. Check out this post outlining their meaning by WOMMA President John Bell, and leave a comment on what impact you think they might have for the UK.

The WOMMY Awards are looking for international WOM campaigns

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Are you a marketing agency, company or individual? Reckon you’ve created a seriously good word of mouth campaign recently? Well, here’s your chance to shout about it to the world.


WOMMA, our sister association in the USA, are looking for entries for their 2009 WOMMY Awards, which “recognize original thought and measured results in creative, high impact word of mouth marketing campaigns”. For the multi-national award category, they want to hear from international companies outside the US; to qualify you have to have run a successful WOM or social media campaign in more than one country. Entries are due in by October 5th, and you can find more details about the awards, recent entrants and submit your own case studies here.

Of course, if your campaigns are UK-based, or you’re not ready to showcase them, don’t worry: our own Word of Mouth Marketing Awards in association with WARC will be back soon for their second year…

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