The Guardian unveil new word of mouth research tool to WOM UK

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womThis morning’s WOM UK Espresso Briefing, where The Guardian’s commercial director Chris Pelekanou and ad planner Katherine Miall unveiled their new Word of Mouth database, got our new events programme off to a fantastic start. The fully booked event was crammed with businesses, agencies and individuals buzzing with questions, ideas, challenges – and the sugar high from their coffee and Danish.

The Guardian study combines existing thinking around what makes people influential with a new piece of qualitative and quantitative research – including an expert panel involving WOM UK Council members Steve Barton from Advokator and Ivan Palmer from Wildfire. This mass of data has been used to develop a communications planning tool in the form of a database which helps companies and advertisers to understand the type of people they’ll want to target to ensure their content is rapidly and widely spread. Click through for the presentation on Slideshare below.

Having defined influential people  as those who have greater access to new ideas and who spread them faster and more persuasively than others, Chris and Katherine drilled down into the three basic traits these people display: weak ties (relationships and networks outside close family and friends), bridging capital (an ability to make information contextualised and relevant to others) and status bargain (a willingness to listen and modify their own opinions, making them more trustworthy).

Their study is understandably oriented towards proving that Guardian readers are a particularly influential bunch, but they also hope that it will become integrated into wider media planning, helping advertisers to identify who will carry their message best. The assembled crowd threw out some interesting questions – Might demographics other than Guardian readers behave differently? Do these influential people trust advertisers, or each other? Can they prove that this spread of content actually leads to sales? – and the debate showed just how relevant and engaging the topic is to the WOM industry. Our video and Flickr set of the event are coming very soon.

And if that sort of intelligent social media debate appeals, you’ll love next week’s WOM UK thought leadership event where Emanuel Rosen speaks about his revised edition of Anatomy of Buzz, the best-selling international Bible of WOM, next Wednesday 7th October at 8.3oam. Click through here for more details and to register – we look forward to seeing you there.

WOM UK Espresso Briefings are now FREE to all

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We’ve been running our monthly Espresso Briefings for a while now: morning sessions where our members present their latest work in progress and case studies around word of mouth marketing. They’ve always been a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the latest developments and innovations in a fast-moving industry – and they’ve just got even better, because they’re now FREE to both members and non-members.

coffeeIn the spirit of the social media meet-ups such as Twestivals, Tuttles and Social Media Cafes, we decided we wanted to make WOM insights accessible to as many people as possible. And our first absolutely free session, running from 8.30-10am this Wednesday 30th September, is a corker, as The Guardian present their new word of mouth research study and communications planning tool that provides a practical framework for identifying influential people.

The Espresso Briefings are an excellent chance to squeeze some WOM knowledge in at the start of your day, and also to network with WOM UK members, far-sighted businesses, and like-minded social media folk. We’ve got a fantastic programme lined up, with Briefings from Porter Novelli and Face in the next couple of months, so get into the habit and join us at 8.30am on Wednesday @ Guardian News & Media, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU. All you need to do is email [email protected] to register – and turn up!

Update – registration is now full for this event but do join us for Emanuel Rosen’s talk and future Espressos…

Essential WOM UK events from The Guardian and Emanuel Rosen

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There’s a lot of buzz around word of mouth marketing, but many businesses and agencies are crying out to be educated on what this industry is really about, what it can do for them, and how they can get involved. That’s why I’m delighted to announce our next two London-based upcoming events which will give two exciting and accessible perspectives on the WOM landscape as it stands.

First up on 8.30am Wednesday 30th September, The Guardian present their new word of mouth research study and communications planning tool that provides a practical framework for identifying influential people. Kicking off with breakfast and lasting until 10am at Guardian News & Media, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU, it’s an easy chance to squeeze in some learning, as well as some networking with top WOM practitioners, at the start of your day. Free to all; email [email protected] to sign up.


Then on 8.30am Wednesday 7th October, Emanuel Rosen talks about ‘The Anatomy of Buzz (Revisited)’, the newly updated version of his WOM guide which topped the bestseller lists in 2001 and became an instant international classic. Drawing on his own experiences in high tech as well as hundreds of interviews with consumers, researchers and marketing executives, Emanuel will discuss proven techniques for stimulating buzz. It’s another morning session lasting until 10.30am at Ogilvy & Mather, 10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, E14 4QB. Free to WOM UK members, £10 for everyone else; email [email protected] for a place.

The Council will be attending, blogging and fuelling discussions, so come along and say hi.

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