Join WOM UK at Like Minds 2010

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WOM UK is by logistical necessity rather London-centric, so we’re delighted to be speaking – and listening – at the Like Minds 2010 conference in Exeter this month.

Taking place at the Exeter Conference Centre on Friday 26th Febraury, Like Minds is the brainchild of Scott Gould and Drew Ellis, who are determined to bring world-class thought leadership on the subject of ‘People to People: The New Social Business’ to everyone in a friendly, non-political and provocative way. There will be six keynote speakers, including John Bell, President of our sister organisation WOMMA, 18 panelists, including WOM UK President Molly Flatt, and 6 moderators to ensure that the sessions really are conversations.

This should be a rare opportunity to meet global experts, local leaders, and like-minded individuals from diverse walks of life, so book now if you’re interested – tickets are running out fast. And leave us a comment or a tweet if you’re coming and would like to hook up with Molly to talk about word of mouth, WOM UK, or indeed the joys of Exeter Cathedral.

WOM UK elects new President: Molly Flatt from 1000heads

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Molly Flatt, WOM Evangelist for global word of mouth specialists 1000heads, has been elected as the new President for WOM UK. She says: ‘I’m delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with some of the best and most experienced WOM practitioners and thought leaders in the UK and I want to make this WOM UK’s most dynamic and relevant year yet. This is such an exciting time for the word of mouth industry and I think WOM UK is brilliantly placed to ensure, through the sharing of best practices, ethics and innovations, that it gains ever more visibility and commercial respect. I’m keen for WOM UK to become a safe, social space where brands, agencies and individuals can join and learn about the best work going on out there – not just the rhetoric’.


A passionate advocate of the value of sustained and authentic brand conversations, Molly helps companies understand why word of mouth should be at the heart of every aspect of their advertising, and ensures that 1000heads remains at the cutting edge of creative and strategic developments in the industry. She collaborates with consumers and researchers to produce insights into the psychology and behaviour behind word of mouth and social media, and how these can be transformed into effective long-term brand strategies.

After graduating from Warwick University with a degree in English Literature, Molly worked as a writer, stage actor and corporate acting coach before joining 1000heads in 2007. Starting out as a linguist and strategist for the 1000heads creative team, Molly has worked at the coalface engaging, meeting and collaborating with social media voices from across the world, and has overseen the creative direction of long-term and award-winning campaigns for clients such as The V&A, Nokia, Canon, 3 and STA travel.

She is deeply embedded in social media and her passion for culture and the arts continues through her blogging for Finch’s Quarterly Review, the Guardian, the Economist, and her own cult site HitchcockBlonde.

There’s been some buzz about the appointment over at Brand Republic and the full lineup for the new Council can be found here. Molly will be taking over the WOM UK Twitter feed and our blog so get in touch and let her know what you’d like to see from WOM UK this year.

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