Like Minds: Let a thousand flowers bloom

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Clay Shirky’s famous description of how to survive in social media was aptly used by Scott Gould last Thursday as he explained Why Spreadability Beats Reach at the latest espresso briefing for WOM UK.

In a relaxed, interactive session over coffee and pastries, Scott shared exactly how he and fellow Like Minds founder Drew Ellis managed to create an enormously successful event – and a burgeoning network of top social practitioners – from scratch, in six months. Here he is, captured by one of our attendees, Lucy from Contagious:

By adopting an approach of strong leadership (including vision, passion and meaning) teamed with a purposeful abdication of control over how and where the Like Minds brand, content and conversations spread, Scott demonstrated the power of an approach based on guidance rather than governance, and personal relationship rather than public relations.

Scott used the case study of X-Factor versus Rage Against the Machine to demonstrate that reach doesn’t necessarily achieve the best results. He also emphasised the importance of working in teams rather than factories, showing that being adaptive, flexible and personal brings results as well as good will. Check out his deck below.

Any brand or marketer would love to achieve what Like Minds has in the past half year, so insights were relevant and inspiring. WOM UK is delighted to be part of the LM movement and the fact that we were thrown out of our venue for talking so long after the presentation is a pretty good indication of the quality conversation stimulated by the morning’s ideas.

The widespread agreement that diversity and eclecticism is the lifeblood of social media sent the gathered crowd out into the day with a renewed commitment to making more flowers bloom.

Many thanks to Porter Novelli for hosting.

March Espresso Briefing: Like Minds explain why Spreadability Beats Reach

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Join us on Thursday 25th March, 8.30am, for some free breakfast, WOM food for thought and excellent networking opportunities.

One month on from their infamous Like Minds 2010 conference, which saw social experts such as Chris Brogan, John Bell and Olivier Blanchard discuss their vision of a people to people future for brands, co-founders Scott Gould and Drew Ellis take over our monthly WOM UK breakfast event to present the learnings and outcomes from the debates so far.

In their presentation, Scott and Drew will be looking at:

  • How spreadability is beating reach: The numbers behind Like Minds and how they have made Like Minds such a phenomenon in a very short space of time. The virtual attendance, the attention, all on a small budget that focuses on a spreadable message rather than direct reach.
  • How teams of people are beating factories of employees: The way that people-to-people means partnership rather than sponsorship, and how people are getting behind messages that bring shared benefit.

This will be an excellent opportunity both for Like Minds attendees to continue the discussions started back in March, and for those who couldn’t make it to get an overview of the insights from the event, and become part of the ongoing community of brands and practitioners interested in word of mouth and social approaches.

Like Minds is an organisation dedicated to Making Action Accessible. It was founded in 2009 amidst the boom of social media, where communication was drastically changing, and knowledge was overflowing – creating both the opportunity and the necessity for the organisation to act and turn our ideas into reality. Their mission is to create a platform where participants can join leading thinkers and doers in order to inspire one another and make those ideas happen, all on a level that is accessible both financially and structurally.

The event will last from 8.30-10.30am and be hosted at Porter Novelli, 31 St Petersburgh, Place, London W2 4LA. Places are free but you must pre-register with Julian to attend. We look forward to seeing some like minded folk there next week!

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