February Espresso Briefing: James Whatley presents The Best WOM Case Studies of 2010…so far

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Fed up with all the theorising about word of mouth and want to really know who’s doing it well and how? Eager to see how WOM is already evolving for big businesses in 2010?

Well register now for our next Espresso Briefing on Wednesday 24th February at 8.30am, when James Whatley, Engagement Director for leading WOM agency 1000heads, will be looking at six of the best WOM Case Studies of 2010 so far.

As someone with a longstanding background in the WOM space both as a practitioner and a blogger brands have been eager to woo, James works with 1000heads clients such as Nokia, Canon and P&G to craft effective and impactful consumer engagement.

He says “We’re already six weeks into 2010 and although we were promised jetpacks, what we have been given instead is some outstanding examples of how to fully leverage WOM in a modern campaign strategy. Cross touch-point, cross company and cross passions.” In his presentation, he’ll consider:

  • What does true WOM success mean?
  • Six of the best case studies of the year
  • How WOM is evolving into the new decade and how brands can get involved

The event is FREE to both Members and Non-Members and will take place from 8.30am – 10.30am at GolinHarris, Fox Court, 14 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8WS, with plenty of time for breakfast, networking and conversation around the presentation itself. Pre-registration is essential, so please email [email protected] to secure your place.

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November Espresso Briefing: Face show you how to use real-time WOM for adaptive brand planning

November 6, 2009 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Events | 2 Comments
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Brands are increasingly realising the importance of integrating word of mouth into everything they do. They get that it’s essential for nurturing consumer relationships. They understand that referrals are key to ROI. They’ve heard exciting examples of companies who’ve built their success on conversational strategies. But how on earth do they fit WOM into their existing marketing mix?

On 8.30am, Tuesday 24th November, insight and innovations agency Face will present on ‘Monitoring and analysing WOM in real time to enable adaptive brand planning’.

faceCEO and Founding Partner Andrew Needham, and Head of Social Media and Planning Francisco D’Orazio, will look at how to:

- Measure and monitor online conversations about brands to assess brand influence and brand visibility
- Apply qualitative analysis to determine research parameters and add meaning to quantitative findings
- Identify conversation hubs and influencers across a wide range of channels
- Use crowdsourcing and co-creation methodologies to achieve research, innovation and planning objectives
- Build iterative models for feeding real-time insights and consumer inputs into the existing marketing process

    As always, the briefing will be totally FREE and kick off with half an hour for coffee, breakfast and networking at 8.30am with the talk starting at 9am and questions and discussions afterwards until 10.30am, all at Face’s offices,7-8 Midford Place, London, W1T 5BG. Last month’s presentation from Matt Morrison was a big hit so be sure to register for this one now via [email protected] – members get priority booking.

    The Guardian unveil new word of mouth research tool to WOM UK

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    womThis morning’s WOM UK Espresso Briefing, where The Guardian’s commercial director Chris Pelekanou and ad planner Katherine Miall unveiled their new Word of Mouth database, got our new events programme off to a fantastic start. The fully booked event was crammed with businesses, agencies and individuals buzzing with questions, ideas, challenges – and the sugar high from their coffee and Danish.

    The Guardian study combines existing thinking around what makes people influential with a new piece of qualitative and quantitative research – including an expert panel involving WOM UK Council members Steve Barton from Advokator and Ivan Palmer from Wildfire. This mass of data has been used to develop a communications planning tool in the form of a database which helps companies and advertisers to understand the type of people they’ll want to target to ensure their content is rapidly and widely spread. Click through for the presentation on Slideshare below.

    Having defined influential people  as those who have greater access to new ideas and who spread them faster and more persuasively than others, Chris and Katherine drilled down into the three basic traits these people display: weak ties (relationships and networks outside close family and friends), bridging capital (an ability to make information contextualised and relevant to others) and status bargain (a willingness to listen and modify their own opinions, making them more trustworthy).

    Their study is understandably oriented towards proving that Guardian readers are a particularly influential bunch, but they also hope that it will become integrated into wider media planning, helping advertisers to identify who will carry their message best. The assembled crowd threw out some interesting questions – Might demographics other than Guardian readers behave differently? Do these influential people trust advertisers, or each other? Can they prove that this spread of content actually leads to sales? – and the debate showed just how relevant and engaging the topic is to the WOM industry. Our video and Flickr set of the event are coming very soon.

    And if that sort of intelligent social media debate appeals, you’ll love next week’s WOM UK thought leadership event where Emanuel Rosen speaks about his revised edition of Anatomy of Buzz, the best-selling international Bible of WOM, next Wednesday 7th October at 8.3oam. Click through here for more details and to register – we look forward to seeing you there.

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