WOM UK becomes WOMMA UK in a move to align US and UK word of mouth industries

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OK, so the logo on the blog header above might have clued you in already!

Yes, we’re delighted to share the news that WOM UK has now officially become WOMMA UK, formalising our partnership with US association WOMMA in a move to share word of mouth marketing expertise in the United States and United Kingdom. The two associations are working closely together to develop and raise the profile of the fast-evolving industry.

We have had an informal agreement since 2008 but have now decided to collaborate in a much closer way.  The agreement allows WOMMA UK and WOMMA members to share insights, ideas, research and case studies and exchange speakers and experts for events and conferences. Additionally, the partnership helps investigate how WOM works in different cultures and countries by bringing members into a much wider international network.

And, in keeping with our mutual push for better ethical practices among WOM marketers, this agreement helps create a consistent ethical platform for brands and practitioners while working in harmony with laws in different countries.

“We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with our colleagues across the pond in WOMMAUK and look forward to learning from their experience too,” says Paul M. Rand, president of WOMMA and president/CEO of the Zócalo Group. “For many WOMMA members who may not have much international WOM exposure, this agreement provides them with resources they may not be able to access or afford on their own,” Rand said.

From WOMMA UK’s perspective, word of mouth dissolves the boundaries between on and offline, local and global, like no other discipline, so for us a partnership with WOMMA was a no-brainer. In such a quickly evolving industry, it’s essential that we share insights and essential that we present a united stance on ethics, best practice and measurement if word of mouth is to become central to businesses worldwide. We’re delighted to be working with such a strong and enthusiastic team at WOMMA and know that our members will benefit from the partnership enormously.

Our new website is under construction and our Twitter stream has now become @WOMMAUK. We hope you’re as excited as we are at this fantastic alliance. If you have any questions or ideas about how you’ll benefit from the partnership, let us know.

WOM case studies show the power of disruption

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James Whatley‘s presentation for WOM UK yesterday morning had a distinct underlying theme – the effectiveness of disrupting consumers’ assumptions if you want to get them, and keep them, talking about your product or brand.

It was great to see so many new voices in the crowd as James, the Engagement Director for global word of mouth agency 1000heads, took us through six examples of conversational campaigns from Opera, Hugo Boss, Marmite, McDonalds, Toyota and Dominos, demonstrating how WOM worked best by using a mixture of on and offline engagement and technologies, combined with a strong dose of brand transparency and buy-in.

Many of the discussions focused on the blurring boundaries between WOM and the other advertising disciplines – some of the examples could well be considered as PR, experiential, DM or even traditional media broadcasting. James’ point was that none of these campaigns would have happened before our new emphasis on listening to consumers, and responding instantly and interactively with them in a way that generates sustained conversation and a shift in brand image, not just a short spike of buzz.

What are your favourite WOM case studies of the year so far and why?

Keep an eye out for our next espresso briefing and thanks to Golin Harris for hosting us so well.

October Espresso Briefing: Global PR leaders Porter Novelli present their latest WOM case studies

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Word of mouth is an industry awash in rhetoric. Everyone’s got their piece to say about why consumer buzz is the lifeblood of brands, their golden rules and their do’s and don’ts. But there are far fewer practical examples of good WOM campaigns: the thinking behind them, the execution, and the results. Our free monthly Espresso Briefings – work in progress updates from leading practitioners – aim to redress the balance.

On 8.30am, Wednesday 28th October, Matt Morrison, Global Head of Digital for Porter Novelli, will present on Social network analysis: approach and case studies.


The presentation will be “work in progress” covering a brief background on social network analysis and how Porter Novelli have applied it to Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere to identify clusters & cliques, and spread WOM through influencers, spreaders, and hubs.

Matt will talk about some of their other clients’ case studies (the good the bad and the ugly!) – notably the phone-around they ran for HP TSG – and some of PN’s experiments like OPML and their resulting learnings. By looking at how UK politicians, US congressmen, and the PR industry use Twitter, Matt will drill down into what makes a successful microblogging campaign. And he’ll share the knowledge, processes, and tools  that they use for gathering and processing data, like Perl scripts and Yahoo! Pipes.

Join us for the presentation, along with breakfast and networking until 10am, at Porter Novelli, 31 St Petersburgh, Place, London W2 4LA – email [email protected] to register. Members get priority on places, so if you haven’t already joined us, what are you waiting for?

Neilsen explore key trends for riding the social media wave

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nielsenOn 8.30am Thursday 28th May one of our key WOM UK members Nielsen Online will be discussing how the changing footprint of online media is affecting online consumption. By examining how the consumer behaves in social media and how that consumer is changing, as well as looking at successful examples of brands utilizing social media, Nielsen will provide a great overview of the space for businesses and marketers.

join the debate

Join us at at One Alfred Place, London WC1E 7EB, until 10am. Members £20, Non-members & invited guests £25, and to register contact Julian Ferguson at [email protected], 0203 286 4145 or 07921051282.

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