Using crowdsourcing and co-creation for adaptive brand planning

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Word of mouth marketing is usually associated with building consumer advocacy, but this week’s WOM UK Espresso Briefing looked at a more inward focused use of WOM: using the groundswell of consumer knowledge and enthusiasm as a research base to develop an adaptive brand planning strategy.

Head of Social Media and Planning for Face, Francisco D’Orazio, presented Research 3.0 to a packed east London room of agencies, brands and researchers all interested in the latest developments in the WOM industry. After half an hour’s coffee and networking, Fran explained how brands can use our participatory, real time and constantly changing culture to move research onto a whole new level.

He identified three key elements in the process. Companies must first learn to immerse themselves in the real time intelligence available in social media to build a picture of the emotions, intentions and actions of consumers. They can then use this to develop an insight journey, or feedback loop, which should be as short as possible in order for them to change quickly, according to the opinions evolving in the space.

The next step is to conduct collaborative research in two ways. First, a wider crowdsourcing project connects a number of relevant individuals and communities around problem-solving tasks which prompt both hypothesis validation and ideas generation for the brand’s marketing. Then a more focused co-creation stage gathers a select few opinion leaders to test the best ideas and nail down specific proposals for activity. Both strategies have limitations by themselves – crowdsourcing can be rather messy, impersonal and limited by confidentiality constraints, while co-creation can be too rigid and retains a few-to-many philosophy – but together they combine individual and group thinking, bottom and top down structures, to provide a nuanced and effective outcome. Check out Fran’s deck below for more detail.

This was a fresh and exciting concept for many in the room and there was some animated discussion afterwards, around where the collaborators come from (a mixture of Face’s own communities and per-project targeted voices), the tricky issue of reward (different incentives and payments are offered depending on the client), and the role of brand-sponsored WOM in skewing the real time intelligence (there was a general concensus that communities would remain self-regulating and analysis could take into account the dubious value of those paid-for opinions). It was great to see so many new faces, suggesting that WOM UK events are addressing issues a broad range of people are interested in.

If you think you might be one of them, keep an eye out for our next FREE Espresso Briefing – details soon.

UPDATE: Change of venue for tomorrow’s Espresso Briefing

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Big apologies are due as we’ve had to make a last-minute change to the venue for tomorrow, Tuesday 24th November’s WOM UK Espresso Briefing on ‘Monitoring and analysing WOM in real time to enable adaptive brand planning’ by Face. It will now be held at Insight Research Group, 11-13 Charterhouse Buildings, London, EC1M 7AP (closest tubes Farringdon and Barbican) at the same time, 8.30-10.30am. With croissants, coffee, an insightful WOM presentation and a dollop of networking thrown in, it’s well worth coming.

Register for your FREE place with [email protected] if you haven’t already and we look forward to seeing you there – at the new venue!

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