Social media disclosure: best practice

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Ethics are one of the four pillars of WOM UK. Best practice in terms of listening and engagement is a big issue in word of mouth, where legislation is lagging behind activity, and the lines are often blurred between brand and consumer spaces.

We help both practitioners and clients keep on top of the latest ethical standards and case studies via our blog posts and events but members also get access to the WOMMA ethics assessment tool and case study library, as well as the collective knowledge and guidance our own WOM UK Council.

WOMMA’s latest contribution is this deck, essential reading for anyone looking to understand the landscape in the US, which is of huge relevance to our industry here.

Do you think we’ll move towards some FTC-style guidelines? What are the different challenges our side of the pond? Post your thoughts and comments below and do think about joining WOM UK if you’d like much, much more where this came from.

Like Minds: Let a thousand flowers bloom

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Clay Shirky’s famous description of how to survive in social media was aptly used by Scott Gould last Thursday as he explained Why Spreadability Beats Reach at the latest espresso briefing for WOM UK.

In a relaxed, interactive session over coffee and pastries, Scott shared exactly how he and fellow Like Minds founder Drew Ellis managed to create an enormously successful event – and a burgeoning network of top social practitioners – from scratch, in six months. Here he is, captured by one of our attendees, Lucy from Contagious:

By adopting an approach of strong leadership (including vision, passion and meaning) teamed with a purposeful abdication of control over how and where the Like Minds brand, content and conversations spread, Scott demonstrated the power of an approach based on guidance rather than governance, and personal relationship rather than public relations.

Scott used the case study of X-Factor versus Rage Against the Machine to demonstrate that reach doesn’t necessarily achieve the best results. He also emphasised the importance of working in teams rather than factories, showing that being adaptive, flexible and personal brings results as well as good will. Check out his deck below.

Any brand or marketer would love to achieve what Like Minds has in the past half year, so insights were relevant and inspiring. WOM UK is delighted to be part of the LM movement and the fact that we were thrown out of our venue for talking so long after the presentation is a pretty good indication of the quality conversation stimulated by the morning’s ideas.

The widespread agreement that diversity and eclecticism is the lifeblood of social media sent the gathered crowd out into the day with a renewed commitment to making more flowers bloom.

Many thanks to Porter Novelli for hosting.

WOM case studies show the power of disruption

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James Whatley‘s presentation for WOM UK yesterday morning had a distinct underlying theme – the effectiveness of disrupting consumers’ assumptions if you want to get them, and keep them, talking about your product or brand.

It was great to see so many new voices in the crowd as James, the Engagement Director for global word of mouth agency 1000heads, took us through six examples of conversational campaigns from Opera, Hugo Boss, Marmite, McDonalds, Toyota and Dominos, demonstrating how WOM worked best by using a mixture of on and offline engagement and technologies, combined with a strong dose of brand transparency and buy-in.

Many of the discussions focused on the blurring boundaries between WOM and the other advertising disciplines – some of the examples could well be considered as PR, experiential, DM or even traditional media broadcasting. James’ point was that none of these campaigns would have happened before our new emphasis on listening to consumers, and responding instantly and interactively with them in a way that generates sustained conversation and a shift in brand image, not just a short spike of buzz.

What are your favourite WOM case studies of the year so far and why?

Keep an eye out for our next espresso briefing and thanks to Golin Harris for hosting us so well.

WOM UK need your word of mouth case studies

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New Zealand based word of mouth agency The Village Square have asked us to help garner the best and latest case studies of UK WOM excellence – especially those that reflect true ‘consumer involvement’, whereby brands build a tribe of advocates who love to get invovled in experiences and create content on their behalf.

We’ve already sent them the likes of We Are Social for Marmite, iCrossing for Toyota, the Oxfam G20 Voice project and 1000heads for Nokia, but it would be great to crowdsource the favourites of the WOM UK network. Obviously, those submitted will get some great visibility abroad.

And in return, TVS have promised to send us the cream of the WOM crop from New Zealand and Australia, so members can look forward to receiving those links and downloads soon.

So, link to your own (or favourite) case studies below or send them to [email protected].

February Espresso Briefing: James Whatley presents The Best WOM Case Studies of 2010…so far

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Fed up with all the theorising about word of mouth and want to really know who’s doing it well and how? Eager to see how WOM is already evolving for big businesses in 2010?

Well register now for our next Espresso Briefing on Wednesday 24th February at 8.30am, when James Whatley, Engagement Director for leading WOM agency 1000heads, will be looking at six of the best WOM Case Studies of 2010 so far.

As someone with a longstanding background in the WOM space both as a practitioner and a blogger brands have been eager to woo, James works with 1000heads clients such as Nokia, Canon and P&G to craft effective and impactful consumer engagement.

He says “We’re already six weeks into 2010 and although we were promised jetpacks, what we have been given instead is some outstanding examples of how to fully leverage WOM in a modern campaign strategy. Cross touch-point, cross company and cross passions.” In his presentation, he’ll consider:

  • What does true WOM success mean?
  • Six of the best case studies of the year
  • How WOM is evolving into the new decade and how brands can get involved

The event is FREE to both Members and Non-Members and will take place from 8.30am – 10.30am at GolinHarris, Fox Court, 14 Gray’s Inn Road, London, WC1X 8WS, with plenty of time for breakfast, networking and conversation around the presentation itself. Pre-registration is essential, so please email [email protected] to secure your place.

This event is kindly sponsored by

Exclusive download of WOMMA 09 Summit materials

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Last November’s Summit organised by our US partners WOMMA was one of the most exciting industry idea-sharing and -storming sessions of the year; a collision of brand case studies, new research and trends and academic debates that sparked some deep investigation into where word of mouth marketing currently stands.

WOM UK President Molly attended and posted an overview of what went on, but we’re delighted to announce that all WOM UK members can now download the decks presented by the keynote speakers, along with live videos from the general sessions,  from the WOMMA Member Center here.

All you need is your WOMMA library username and password, provided to every WOM UK member when they join. If you’ve lost track of yours, email Julian and he’ll send it over. And if you don’t have one? Well, joining WOM UK could be just the New Year’s resolution you need…

Social media policies can be simple

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Becoming a word of mouth enabled company can seem a painfully complex and time-consuming process. How on earth do you get all those employees up to speed with the ever-increasing number of social platforms? How do you present the approach of consumer listening and collaboration in a way that both the old-fashioned CEO and the tech-savvy admin boy will understand? Where do you even start in overhauling a structure geared towards image-making and broadcasting into one that is flexible, personal and conversational?

Coca-Cola’s Head of Social Media, Adam Brown, has done a pretty good job of showing how simple and human a good corporate social media policy can be. His 3 page (3 page!) document includes 10 clear principles for employees rooted in common sense, while managing to cover all the legal and ethical bases. Download the policy here and watch him talking about it below.

What do you think are the hallmarks of a truly great social media policy?

WOM crash course comic

January 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Case studies | 1 Comment
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It’s probably your first day back at work, you may well have serious caffeine withdrawal from your four-day-old health kick, and your brain is likely still sluggish from transfat overload. So we’ve decided to ease you into the New Year with some pretty pictures.

Artist Mike Rhode attended US word of mouth training agency GasPedal‘s WOM Crash Course and condensed the key learnings into a 25-page sketchbook. It’s a great overview for someone new to the industry, or anyone wanting a dynamic visual refresher to the business approach for 2010.

Brew your mug of peppermint tea, then download it here.

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