The Word of Mouth Association UK is the independent trade organisation representing word of mouth marketing in the UK. We are partnered with WOMMA in the US. Our remit covers four areas: education, thought leadership, best practice and ethics, and measurement and metrics.

What we do
What our logo means
The WOM UK Elected Council 2009-10

What we do

Education: WOM UK’s role is to educate the UK’s marketing sector and their clients about the very real benefits of word of mouth marketing (WOMM), and to provide a forum to showcase cutting edge creative, academic and strategic thinking. Everything is geared towards helping marketers and businesses actively amplify, measure and learn from conversations with their customers.

Thought Leadership: We are the public voice of word of mouth marketing within the UK and the ‘go to’ organisation for individuals or organisations seeking expert advice on all aspects of WOMM. Our members make up some of the UK marketing industry’s most dynamic and forward thinking individuals and our collective research, case studies and experience represent the front line of WOMM intelligence and innovation in the country.

Best Practice and Ethics: To the members of WOM UK, WOMM is centred around overturning the power imbalance between brands and consumers and establishing two-way dialogue and lasting advocacy through shared passions. The definition and promotion of best practices and ethics within the WOMM industry is an ongoing process, and WOM UK helps marketers learn how to weave WOMM into their strategy in an effective, ethical and sustained way by giving them access to the knowledge and experience of the best in the business.

Measurements and Metrics: Our members have stepped up to corral complex concepts into industry-wide standards and metrics, demonstrating real ROI in order to underpin the commercial viability of WOMM. In tandem with WOMMA, our sister organisation in the US, we are creating the trackability and accountability that are essential for a healthy and sustainable market.

Our activities include events, workshops, networking forums, research, intellectual capital development and public relations. Our membership embraces a wide range of organisations from brands, creative agencies and research firms through to individuals, charities and data bureaus. We’re here to help whether you’re completely new to WOM and looking to understand an industry often obscured by buzzwords, or a specialist eager to challenge and clarify your thoughts and practices around effective WOM.

What our logo means

wom uk logo

We’re passionate about the ethical and professional integrity, proven effectiveness and ongoing innovation of the word of mouth industry, and we’re proud that our logo has come to represent this approach. Wherever you see the WOM UK logo displayed, you can trust that the agency, company or individual in question abides by the WOM UK/WOMMA best practice and ethics code. You need to be a fully paid member of WOM UK to display our logo.

The WOM UK Elected Council 2009-10:

Molly Flatt – 1000heads

Vice President
Brad Little – Nielsen Online

Steve Barton – Advokator

Atheer Al-Salim – Porter Novelli
Alex Ricketts – Royal Mail
Benn Achilleas – Neoco
Hamish Priest – OgilvyOne
Fleur Hicks Duarte – Pass It On Media
Ivan Palmer – Wildfire
Alan Parker – Golin Harris
Graham Hansell – Sitelynx
Rob Jenkins – Know


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