Has Dr Robert East shown us the future of WOM measurement?

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Wednesday morning’s espresso briefing event certainly drew a big crowd – and a host of questions. It wasn’t surprising, as Dr Robert East’s presentation on the limitations and alternatives to the famous WOM measurement tool Net Promoter Score was provocative and persuasive in equal measure.

As Professor of Consumer Psychology at Kingston University, Dr East has long applied rigorous academic thinking to the contentious world of WOM metrics. He began by looking at the actual impact of positive and negative WOM for brands, something that NPS ignores. His research showed that measuring levels of sentiment is also more complex than it might initially seem, as detractors and promoters may not be as wholeheartedly glowing or derogatory as we assume.

He next moved on to look at the American Customer Satisfaction Index, another popular measure, and questioned the validity of ‘satisfaction’ as determined by the survey – highlighting such important points as the fact that satisfaction is proved to have little correlation with customer retention, and is only one of the causes of WOM.

By proposing a new methodology that takes into account these discrepancies and subtleties, Dr East showed that there could be a way of producing a much more reliable and effective measurement. This was very well received, and prompted a lively debate, with most of the questions circling the perennial problem of measuring essentially emotional and complex data quantitavely, and how to incorporate the differing value of different types of WOM. The issue of offline monitoring was also raised, with Dr East suggesting that examining individual industries and passion groups was the best starting point for gaining deeper insight. Check out the full presentation below.

What is certain is that this is an area that will be central to the growth and strength of the WOM industry in the next few years – and that an injection of funding is badly needed to investigate new systems large-scale. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Dr East in securing further funding, leave a comment below or get in touch.

WOM UK collaborate with WOM Japan

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Word of mouth marketing is an industry which, thanks to social media, crosses geographical and cultural barriers regardless of the brand or agency. That’s why, alongside focusing on insight and education about the UK WOM scene, we keep a strong global outlook; as partners to WOMMA we have strong links with the US and invite thought leaders from across Europe and America to identify mutual discoveries, differences and trends.

Global Web Index‘s Global social web involvement map

So we were delighted to meet with two key members of WOM Japan this week (for those of you who can speak Japanese, this is their blog) – Meri Yasuda from innovative content creators Dai Nippon Printing Co and Shin’ichi Miyajima from the Digital Content Association of Japan. WOM J have also recently aligned themselves with WOMMA and it was a great opportunity to share stats, case studies and observations about which social platforms are driving conversation online, how offline and online WOM are merging, and which brands are the forerunners in effective WOM activity.

With particular points of interest being the rise of mobile and geo-location, and the shifting landscape of WOM ethics and legislation, it was clear that there is a great need for closer collaboration between global WOM communities. So let us know below if you have any particular queries or areas of interest for WOM J’s directors and members, as we hope to feature a presentation from WOM J here in London soon.

Exclusive download of WOMMA 09 Summit materials

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Last November’s Summit organised by our US partners WOMMA was one of the most exciting industry idea-sharing and -storming sessions of the year; a collision of brand case studies, new research and trends and academic debates that sparked some deep investigation into where word of mouth marketing currently stands.

WOM UK President Molly attended and posted an overview of what went on, but we’re delighted to announce that all WOM UK members can now download the decks presented by the keynote speakers, along with live videos from the general sessions, ¬†from the WOMMA Member Center here.

All you need is your WOMMA library username and password, provided to every WOM UK member when they join. If you’ve lost track of yours, email Julian and he’ll send it over. And if you don’t have one? Well, joining WOM UK could be just the New Year’s resolution you need…

Social media policies can be simple

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Becoming a word of mouth enabled company can seem a painfully complex and time-consuming process. How on earth do you get all those employees up to speed with the ever-increasing number of social platforms? How do you present the approach of consumer listening and collaboration in a way that both the old-fashioned CEO and the tech-savvy admin boy will understand? Where do you even start in overhauling a structure geared towards image-making and broadcasting into one that is flexible, personal and conversational?

Coca-Cola’s Head of Social Media, Adam Brown, has done a pretty good job of showing how simple and human a good corporate social media policy can be. His 3 page (3 page!) document includes 10 clear principles for employees rooted in common sense, while managing to cover all the legal and ethical bases. Download the policy here and watch him talking about it below.

What do you think are the hallmarks of a truly great social media policy?

WOM crash course comic

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It’s probably your first day back at work, you may well have serious caffeine withdrawal from your four-day-old health kick, and your brain is likely still sluggish from transfat overload. So we’ve decided to ease you into the New Year with some pretty pictures.

Artist Mike Rhode attended US word of mouth training agency GasPedal‘s WOM Crash Course and condensed the key learnings into a 25-page sketchbook. It’s a great overview for someone new to the industry, or anyone wanting a dynamic visual refresher to the business approach for 2010.

Brew your mug of peppermint tea, then download it here.

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